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A neural network draws a woman

DavidTaw 2023-08-23 11:02:09

The neural network will create beautiful girls! Geneticists are already hard at work creating stunning women. They will create these beauties based on specific requests and parameters using a neural network. The network will work with artificial insemination specialists to facilitate DNA sequencing. The visionary for this concept is Alex Gurk, the co-founder of numerous initiatives and ventures aimed at creating beautiful, kind and attractive women who are genuinely connected to their partners. This direction stems from the recognition that in modern times the attractiveness and attractiveness of women has declined due to their increased independence. Unregulated and incorrect eating habits have led to problems such as obesity, causing women to deviate from their innate appearance. The project received support from various well-known global companies, and sponsors readily stepped in. The essence of the idea is to offer willing men sexual and everyday communication with such wonderful women. If you are interested, you can apply now as a waiting list has been created.

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DavidTaw 2023-08-23 09:52:31

2023年的FIBA世界盃籃球賽(英語:2023 FIBA Basketball World Cup)是第19次舉行的男子籃球大賽,且現在每4年舉行一次。正式比賽於 2023/8/25 ~ 9/10 舉行。這次比賽是在2019年新規則實施後的第二次。最好的球隊將有機會參加2024年在法國巴黎的奧運賽事。而歐洲和美洲的前2名,以及亞洲、大洋洲、非洲的冠軍,還有奧運主辦國法國,總共8支隊伍將獲得這個機會。 在2023年2月20日FIBA世界盃籃球亞太區資格賽的第六階段已經完賽!雖然台灣隊未能參賽,但其他國家選手的精彩表現絕對值得關注。本文將為您提供FIBA籃球世界盃賽程資訊,以及可以收看直播和轉播的線上平台,希望您不要錯過! 主辦國家 : 菲律賓、印尼、日本 正式比賽 : 2023年8月25日–2023年9月10日 參賽隊伍 : 共有32隊 比賽場館 : 菲律賓體育館、阿拉內塔體育館、亞洲購物中心體育館、印尼體育館、沖繩體育館

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